Is Your Email Inbox Consuming Your Workday?

Top tips to get your inbox working for you, not against you!

Are you one of those who keep pressing the send and receive button every few minutes to see if a new email has come through, but yet don’t seem to have time to reply to them, or even action them? Do they sit in your inbox for days or even weeks on end, and your inbox 'unread' figure is in its 100s?

How many times have you opened an email and thought ‘Hmm, not sure what to do with this. I’ll deal with it later', then closed the message and never go back to it again? One email quickly turns into many emails, often hundreds.

By developing a new approach to processing your inbox, it can help you gain more control, make running your business more efficient and provide you with more time to deal with your clients and to actually carry out the work you’re meant to be doing, and the work that makes your business succeed.

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