How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

Lisa Kolb - Augusta Virtual Assistants, LLC

Lisa Kolb

Augusta Virtual Assistants, LLC
Lisa Kolb is the Co-Owner of Augusta Virtual Assistants with her daughter, April Green . She has been a licensed Realtor for 14 years and has worked as a licensed assistant to several agents prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant. She also manages a team of 6 other VA's who offer specialized support to business owners which includes: Paralegal, Website Design, Real Estate, Bookkeeping,... Learn more.

Team Up With A Virtual Assistant

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How to Work with a Virtual Assistant


Why Work with a Virtual Assistant


Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Building a business can turn into an tiresome chore if you are not careful. The more business you accomplish, the more administrative tasks you have; the more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to generate new business.

That's where a Virtual Assistant can help. Virtual assistants can work for one business owner or more than one, performing a wide variety of business-related tasks that will save time and money, all while working from their own office.

The virtual assistant takes the role of the temp and elevates it to the status of Partnership. Because the virtual assistant is self-employed, and is dependent on referrals and steady work flow from existing clients, they can be the perfect solution for a busy entrepreneur.

Virtual assistants offer several advantages over a paid employee, with all the benefits of outsourcing. They save the business owner employee tax and benefits problems while demonstrating the loyalty and steadiness of a company... Read more.
Denise Dukette - Out of the Office Virtual Assistance

Denise Dukette

Out of the Office Virtual Assistance
Insanely curious; Super enthusiastic. Former Marketing Director, former Admin, former glue that kept it all together, Denise is the owner of Out of the Office. Working from her office in VT, she offers ideas and ways to increase productivity, decrease client workloads and help everyone work more efficiently. Focused on streamlining administration, social media, while creatively... Learn more.

5 Things About Working with a Virtual Assistant

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How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

Take a look at your to-do list, are there tasks on there that are taking away the time you should be using on your business? If so, it’s probably time to start looking for a virtual assistant.

It could be a single person that is dedicated to working with you and your business, or even a service that provides assistants on an as need basis, either way, a virtual assistant (also called a VA) can free you from the administrative tasks that aren't an effective use of your entrepreneurial time. Another major advantage of a virtual assistant is that they work remotely and as needed so you don’t have to spend as much as you would for an employee that works on site, all the time .. you know, the clock punchers.

So .. ready to contract a VA for your business? If you are, here are some tips on finding one and working with one successfully.

-1- Know Who You’re Hiring

It might seem like common sense, but some might not think about it. If you’re going to entrust someone with... Read more.