Efficiency. Productivity. Organization.

Next Phase Real Estate Solutions

Next Phase Real Estate Solutions allows real estate agents and brokers to utilize their time more efficiently by handling and managing all the “behind-the-scene” details. With our services, agents no longer have to worry about tracking listings, handling transactions, managing contracts, or even hiring an in-office assistant.

We do it all for you.

The goal of Next Phase is to streamline the processes and systems of the business, giving agents and brokers the freedom to do what they do best: make sales. Having our services on your side allows you more time to interface with clients, work potential leads, and close those money-making deals.

Next Phase also lowers the overhead costs of hiring and training a traditional assistant because we come with all the knowledge and experience you could ever need in a assistant. In fact, consider us a strategic partner in your business. With us on your side, you’ll see increased productivity, increased sales, and increased money in your pocket.


Providing comprehensive real estate support to Realtors by streamlining their processes and systems giving them the freedom to do what they do best...close deals!


Listing Coordination
Transaction Management
Social Media Management
Content Writing
Graphic Design
Professional Printing Services
Project Management

Training And Certifications

Champions School of Real Estate

REVA Academy Bootcamp

IVAA: Certified Real Estate Support Specialist