Making You Our Top Priority

What people are saying about JG Assistance

Time is important to me and my business, and Janet understands that. She took the programs that I love to work with and implemented a schedule where my contact base was reached regularly. She was a great help in creating action plans for both short sales and loan modifications on Top Producer 8i and implemented a schedule to use the monthly marketing campaigns from CDPE to send to all of my Top Producer contacts. She organized my monthly newsletter and created an email to direct my clients to this as well.
Jenny Darling-Hampton

Janet, I want you to know that your help, good business, attitude, focus, and esprit de corp have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. You are a trusted business woman without whom my business ventures, or the fact that I exist online, would not be there at all. I thank you for your guidance and friendship! Keep up the good work!
John Manha