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Crowley Assistant Services

I'm glad you stopped by!

I've been in the administrative field for over 17 years and have worked 8 years as an Executive Assistant. After working closely with C-Suite executives and speaking with other assistants, I noticed that some businesses didn't need an assistant a full 40 hours a week. It hit me...I can still provide assistance and save a company money at the same time.

Why chose me over a $3/hour assistant like you'd see on Elance or Odesk? I am truly interested in your goals.


*Executive Assistance
*Social Media Management


* Make calls and appointments on your behalf.
* Create an email system so you only see the important ones.
* Set up and manage your social media profiles.
* Do you travel? Let me research the best flights and prices.
* Expense reporting is never fun. I'll process and track reimbursements.
* Want to find out how to work the latest iPhone app? Let me do your miscellaneous research.
* Customer service assistance.
*Need other assistance? Contact me and let's talk!