I offer the expertise you need so you can focus on what you do best!


BUSINESS WEBSITE DESIGN: Clean, attractive small-business websites with SEO built in, designed using Serif WebPlus.
SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES: help setting up and maintaining blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube.
COMPUTER HELP: one-on-one computer help and problem solving, especially with Microsoft Office 2013.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: photo editing and document design, including brochures, catalogues, CD/DVD covers, and graphics for online or print use.

COMPUTER HELP: I've been helping others with software problems and tips since I started using computers in 1986. Besides official employment as a technical support person and System Support Specialist, I've been the go-to person for "How do I get the computer to do this?" in most of my day jobs. Besides my other computer expertise, I have almost 30 years of experience with Microsoft Office (from DOS to 2013).

Training And Certifications:
EXPERIENCE: office work and computer experience: over 30 years. Website design & maintenance: 12 years. Graphic design: over 30 years.
EDUCATION: MS Office Specialist; HTML 3.2; Focused Marketing; Goal Setting; Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service; The Quality Advantage; How To Manage Projects, Priorities & Deadlines. Self-taught in website design, SEO, HTML 4.0, CSS, Serif WebPlus, Corel Paintshop Pro, Sage (Simply Accounting).