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Complete Business Bureau

Complete Business Bureau provides support functions for smaller businesses, consultancies and start-ups needing cost effective resources to help grow and develop their own exciting ventures.

My credentials? Well, I come armed with a combination of skills and expertise gained from senior administrative, sales and account director positions within the corporate world. I specialise in bookkeeping and business development and support services.



Business and Sales Support Services

Virtual PA


Complete Business Bureau provides tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements. You could be looking for some ad-hoc assistance for a specific project or smaller task, or needing a variety of services on a more regular basis

Complete Bookkeeping
Keep track of your monthly expenses and manage the invoicing process, and record monthly, quarterly and year-end financials.

Complete Admin
Support with admin tasks and projects so you can work more strategically on your business

Training And Certifications

BA (Hons) in European Finance and Accountancy with Business

C&G Bookkeeping

Advanced Excel and Powerpoint