Field Service International Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services


FSI-VAS is a family owned & operated business that began in S.E. Pennsylvania in 1998 & has since expanded nationwide with Matrix offices in Dallas, TX; Orlando,FL; & New York City.

FSI-VAS is truly dedicated to the Real Estate industry handling everything from BPOs, REO property valuations & REO property listings to REO property preservation & maintenance.

The success of our company can be directly attributed to referrals from our clients & the loyalty and dedication of our subcontractors.

Mission Statement

FSI-VAS is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant firm who provides complete real estate project mngt services for your entire portfolio. Our team of real estate VAs have all proven to be experts in their fields. FSI is able to assist Agents with every possible task that they may have.

FSI was founded out of the need to help struggling agents grow their business SMART. Growing your business SMART means increasing your bottom line AND your free time.


FSI-VAS also tailors services for each individual company’s requirements. If you need help in an area not listed, contact us and be rest assured we will meet your needs!

We are also proud to have a diverse staff of which is fluent/bilingual in:
♦ English ♦ Spanish ♦ Hindi ♦ Urdu ♦ Kashmiri ♦ Punjabi ♦
Please contact us if you are in need of assistance in any of the languages listed above!


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