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What people are saying about Sophie Zo, LLC

Just spent 2 days with my AMAZING & MAGICAL Online Business Manager Sophie Zollmann – she flew in to see me from Nashville, and not only did we have fun…I am SO much more organized + we have a kick-ass plan. For years I was hesitant to hire an OBM, telling myself I didn’t need it, that I could still do management myself…but it’s SO valuable to know when you’ve outgrown your old model and are ready for something new.
- Joanna Lindenbaum
Joanna Lindenbaum International

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Sophie, who is my social media guru. As a lawyer with a new business, I was very concerned about having someone manage my website and social media profile. There are so many people who promise the world and deliver nothing. With Sophie, my fears have been laid to rest. She has done an amazing job for me. My site is always up to date, she’s on top of my posts, and I have a real presence now on the web.
- Mark Astor
Drug and Alcohol Attorneys