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Long Holiday Weekends!
Long Holiday Weekends, Do You Love Them? Then Hire a Trusted Ally Long holiday weekends every week? Imagine that. Wow! Actually, you can enjoy that all the time! Why yes, you can :-). How? The solution is simple for overworked solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Ally with a highly experienced virtual administrative contractor/vir...
Published 10 months ago

Broadcast Online Events
Broadcast Online Events and Create Revenue For Your Business What if I told you that you can generate income for yourself if you were to broadcast online events with a paid ticketing system. Let’s face it. Creating revenue for your business during this time of social distancing and “stay at home” orders is a challenge. […] T...
Published 1 year ago

Remote Meetings: 7 Ways to Success!
Are You New to Remote Meetings? Remote meetings and working virtually may be new to you during these times of the pandemic. They are new to so many of the workforce out there. We are here to help! It just takes a bit of effort and motivation to shine like a star on your video […] The post Remote Meetings: 7 Ways to Success! appeared first on ...
Published 1 year ago

Remote Work COVID-19 Pricing
Remote Work and Virtual Assistance Remote work has been around for decades. Virtual Administrative Assistants like me have been hoping for years that it would catch on. I am only sorry it has taken a pandemic like this to raise awareness of this wonderful way to work, and accomplish tasks and manage projects. We realize […] The post Remote Wo...
Published 1 year ago