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Set Up Minimum Credit Card Payments to Avoid Late Fees
While you may not be able to pay your credit card in full each month, there is one easy way to avoid an unnecessary late fee. The post Set Up Minimum Credit Card Payments to Avoid Late Fees appeared first on Your Virtual Assistant.
Published 9 months ago

Debitize Allows You To Use Your Credit Card Like A Debit Card
Click to Tweet: Say goodbye to credit card interest and late fees with Debitize! #bookkeeping #FINTECH Have you ever gulped when you’ve seen the balance on your credit card? I think we’ve all been there, especially when we’re trying to hit the minimum spend on a new travel rewards card. Luckily, Debitize has your back! [...] The post Debitiz...
Published 10 months ago

How To Reconcile PayPal Using The Financial Summary Report
Click to Tweet: Easily reconcile your PayPal account with this report! #bookkeeping #accounting #smbiz Did you know there is a report that can help to easily reconcile the PayPal account in QuickBooks Online? The Financial Summary, in conjunction with the Activity Log, enables bookkeepers and accountants to reconcile the PayPal account in the same ...
Published 11 months ago

Simple Money Magazine: Practical Advice For All Of Us
Recently, I’ve been reading Simple Money Magazine. Its articles take a straightforward approach to managing finances. It’s not an investing guide and isn’t focused on the latest buzzwords of the personal finance sector. Instead, it’s full of common-sense, but sometimes surprising, articles on managing money. You might not find Warren Buffet...
Published 11 months ago

Find Out If Your Books Are In Order Before Filing Taxes
If you’re a small business owner, chances are you care about most about the following three details when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting and filing taxes: Accurate records Timely (no extensions, no penalties) Pay as little in taxes as legally possible But it turns out you should really only be worrying about one of these [...] The post Find ...
Published 12 months ago

How the Reconciliation Summary Report Can Save You a Lot of Trouble
“You have to amend last year’s tax return,” I said to a new bookkeeping client. It was early May and I was going through our Deep Dive 25 checklist for a new client. During this audit, I discovered that the current bookkeeper never did December. While probably slightly less panic ridden than, “You’re getting audited,” [...] The post Ho...
Published 12 months ago

Download This Free Bookkeeping Check-Up Guide Today!
One of the most common things we’ve heard from small business owners is that they aren’t sure how things are with the bookkeeping. There are some who believe everything is fine…and there are others who have a nagging sense that things aren’t quite right. (Drum roll please!) We’re excited to announce a free guide we’ve [...] The pos...
Published 12 months ago

How to Invite Your Bookkeeper to QuickBooks
Do you use any cloud-based software? (If you’re rolling your eyes at me, I get it! But you know what they say about assuming, right?) So (assuming) you do indeed use some cloud-based software, then you know that just as soon as you’re familiar with the current layout, colors and navigation…the company goes and changes [...] The post How ...
Published 1 year ago

How a Complaint Can Be an Opportunity to Improve
Some time ago, I posted in a Facebook group for virtual assistants that I was looking to hire for a small project that had a quick turnaround. The PowerPoint project had three deliverables: Confirm consistent formatting throughout (font size, type, text alignment, bullet styles, etc.) Find and add a handful of stock photos Create a [...] The post ...
Published 1 year ago

20 Ways To Be a Professional Worth Referring
Virtual Assistants are much more common than they were just 10 short years ago when I started my business. It’s incredibly easy to throw up the proverbial shingle (aka website) now. The low barrier to entry means it’s easy to break into the industry, which also means there’s more competition than ever. That’s why it’s [...] The post 20 W...
Published 1 year ago