Corporate-level Support

  • Michelle Mangen - Your Virtual Assistant Company Name: Your Virtual Assistant
    Name: Michelle Mangen
    Services: I’ve partnered with other Virtual Assistants and consultants who complement my core services so yo...

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  • Yolanda Crowley - Crowley Assistant Services Company Name: Crowley Assistant Services
    Name: Yolanda Crowley
    Services: * Make calls and appointments on your behalf.; * Create an email system so you only see the import...

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  • Rebekah Kirkup - Virtually Yours Virtual PAs Company Name: Virtually Yours Virtual PAs
    Name: Rebekah Kirkup
    Services: As a Virtual Assistant I can provide you with the flexible admin support you need to ensure your bus...

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  • Kristal R. Methvin - HelpDesk Virtual Assistants Company Name: HelpDesk Virtual Assistants
    Name: Kristal R. Methvin
    Services: -Inbox & Calendar management; -Database management; -Website building, design, and development; ...

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