Real Estate Virtual Assistants [REVAs]

  • Trish Reisen - Viraso Unlimited Company Name: Viraso Unlimited
    Name: Trish Reisen
    Services: Customer Service, Data Entry, General Admin,Listing Coordination,Transaction Coordination,CRM and Le...

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  • Teresa Barrett-Rhodes - Next Phase Real Estate Solutions Company Name: Next Phase Real Estate Solutions
    Name: Teresa Barrett-Rhodes
    Services: Listing Coordination; Transaction Management; Social Media Management; Content Writing; ; Gr...

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  • Cris Gerster - The Virtual Desk Company Name: The Virtual Desk
    Name: Cris Gerster
    Services: Specializing in commercial real estate - transaction management, marketing, design, lease abstractin...

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  • Janet Galena - JG Assistance Company Name: JG Assistance
    Name: Janet Galena
    Services: Listing Coordination; Lead Management; Social Media Management; Customer Care; Document Crea...

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  • Colleen Antonides - Colleen Antonides, Administrative Consultant Company Name: Colleen Antonides, Administrative Consultant
    Name: Colleen Antonides
    Services: My primary area of expertise is real estate and I have over 30 years of legal, management and execut...

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  • Angela Jones - Quiet Systemz Business Solutions Company Name: Quiet Systemz Business Solutions
    Name: Angela Jones
    Services: Real Estate Support - WordPress and Administrative...

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  • Pam Maglione - Pam's VAS Company Name: Pam's VAS
    Name: Pam Maglione
    Services: BPO; ; Marketing; ; Transaction Coordination HOA/Utilities; Fannie Mae; HUD; Virtual Assis...

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  • Pamela Cendejas - Second Self Virtual Assistance Company Name: Second Self Virtual Assistance
    Name: Pamela Cendejas
    Services: Second Self Virtual Assistance has a vast array of services including:; ; * PowerPoint Presentatio...

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  • Denise Trejo - Denise's Corner Office Company Name: Denise's Corner Office
    Name: Denise Trejo
    Services: Contact Database Management; -Managing Business Cards; -Managing Contact Data; -Mailing Lists;...

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  • Danish Maqbool - FSI-VAS Company Name: FSI-VAS
    Name: Danish Maqbool
    Services: ♦ Broker Price Opinion (BPO); ♦ Pre-Foreclosure Services; ♦ REO Services; ♦ Property P...

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  • Olivia Putnam - Name: Olivia Putnam
    Services: Social Media managing/marketing; Real Estate knowledge; CRM & MLS knowledge and skills...

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  • Miriam Charles - Emcee Virtual Solutions, LLC Company Name: Emcee Virtual Solutions, LLC
    Name: Miriam Charles
    Services: Administrative, creative, and technical office support; Small Business support; Branding; Data...

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  • Kristal R. Methvin - HelpDesk Virtual Assistants Company Name: HelpDesk Virtual Assistants
    Name: Kristal R. Methvin
    Services: -Inbox & Calendar management; -Database management; -Website building, design, and development; ...

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  • Carol Trauthwein - Essential VA Solutions Company Name: Essential VA Solutions
    Name: Carol Trauthwein

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