United States Virtual Assistants

  • Sophia Zollmann - Sophie Zo, LLC Company Name: Sophie Zo, LLC
    Name: Sophia Zollmann
    Services: Social Media Strategy; Content Curation; Image Selection and Design; Post Management; Post S...

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  • Trish Reisen - Viraso Unlimited Company Name: Viraso Unlimited
    Name: Trish Reisen
    Services: Customer Service, Data Entry, General Admin,Listing Coordination,Transaction Coordination,CRM and Le...

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  • Colleen Antonides - Colleen Antonides, Administrative Consultant Company Name: Colleen Antonides, Administrative Consultant
    Name: Colleen Antonides
    Services: My primary area of expertise is real estate and I have over 30 years of legal, management and execut...

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  • Pam Maglione - Pam's VAS Company Name: Pam's VAS
    Name: Pam Maglione
    Services: BPO; ; Marketing; ; Transaction Coordination HOA/Utilities; Fannie Mae; HUD; Virtual Assis...

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  • Ni-She Unlimited - Ni-She Company Name: Ni-She
    Name: Ni-She Unlimited
    Services: Proofreading, Web Updates (web sites, blogs, forums), Social Media Updates, Customer Service (online...

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  • LaToya Gay - Name: LaToya Gay
    Services: Clerical Support; ; Technical Support; ; Graphic and Website Design; Social Media Management; ...

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  • Lillian De Jesus - Tigerlily Virtual Assistance Company Name: Tigerlily Virtual Assistance
    Name: Lillian De Jesus
    Services: Research, Data Entry, Word Processing, Customer Service, Calendaring, Event Planning, Social Media M...

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  • Danish Maqbool - FSI-VAS Company Name: FSI-VAS
    Name: Danish Maqbool
    Services: ♦ Broker Price Opinion (BPO); ♦ Pre-Foreclosure Services; ♦ REO Services; ♦ Property P...

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