Payment Options When Working with a Virtual Assistant

I have heard it from past clients and others in this industry that your working relationship with a Virtual Assistant may be more like a marriage. While that may be a bit silly, it’s partially true, and that is why it makes sense to take time to locate the best VA for YOU, understanding that this may well develop into a fruitful and long-term relationship.

Not only can a Virtual Assistant provide first class and quality workmanship, but she can also provide advice, recommendations and other resources over and above what may otherwise be considered to be a straightforward contract. A good VA or Online Business Manager works with many clients and is able to have an inside look at how their businesses are run.

Once a good partner has been selected, it’s important to pay attention to the finer details and specifically how payments are going to be handled. This is a vital component of t... Continue reading our Virtual Assistant Information Blog...

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